Friday, October 15, 2010


It sure is fun to have a baby in this neck of the woods again. This is William, my little great nephew. As you can see, he won't be little for long. He almost doesn't even look like this anymore, he is growing and changing so fast!

It's especially fun to have William because we don't get to see this baby half enough! Eleni is taking a break here at her 1 year old birthday party, getting in a quick nap with her snake (no teddy bears for this girl!) as her nap-mate.

Not to steal Jody's thunder or anything, but she won't get this posted until the girls are in high school anyway and you will have forgotten all about my post by then.

Is this not the neatest, most creative banner you have ever seen in your entire life!!?!? (Mom's can still brag about and be proud of what their adult kids do!)

Kendall and Morgan, coached by their dad, are on the Sparklers. Kendall is #4 and Morgan is #8. Can you see them writing their names with sparklers on a 4th of July evening? Have you ever seen anything so neat? Ever!?!

And then Grandma's can brag about their grandkids, too.

Have you ever seen a better looking crew at a soccer game?

This year is a breeze for Jody and Scott - both girls are on the same team. Next year they will have 3 games a Saturday and 3 sets of practice during the week. Then the fun will really begin! Beck is a little more enthused to play now. We went around looking at banners and when he realized that there are teams with names like The Ferocious Tigers and The Storm Troopers
with cool banners to match he felt a little better. All he had ever seen were things like The Strawberry Shortcakes and the Pretty Purple Princesses.

Go Lightening McQueens!