Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Roadtrip Part I

Took a roadtrip over spring break. Mighty brave of us, even if I do say so myself. There was me and Jody, Austen, Morgan, Kendall and Beck. We drove to Boise. Lots of careful researching and map-questing as to which route to take as we didn't want icy roads or snow. Also didn't want to go the Utah/Salt Lake route as that added about 4 more hours to the trip. We finally chose the route that goes through Ely (pronounced Ee-lee or so I'm told), Nevada.
Did you know that past Las Vegas, there is one stinkn' bush and one stinkin' mountain through the entire stinkin' state of Nevada?
Austen was happy with his I-Pod. Kendall and Morgan were amazing! Thanks to some wonderful planning on the part of their mom, they were entertained the entire way with their kits that had been made up for them. Did I say the entire way? The entire way. They were wonderful! And for being 20 months old, Beck was pretty darn wonderful too. The last couple of hours of the trip he reminded us fairly often that he wanted to "GHEE OW" (get out!!) of his car seat but who can blame him?

At this point, we all realized that we "Weren't in Kansas anymore Dorothy" - nor were we at a Southern California McDonalds!

While in Idaho we saw and did lots of things!

Saw some pretty amazing baseball!!

Jackman hits a sharp line drive triple straight down third!


Taylor has always towered over Austen. Taylor is still growing, since she is now taller than Gramma (So What! That isn't very tall...!) but we are all very happy to see that Austen is finally beginning to grow. Although still taller than Austen, at least she isn't towering!

A most handsome "before" picture of Easter morning. When asked if she wanted Beck's shirt tucked in, the answer was no. "It won't stay tucked in anyway, and at least this way it won't be wrinkled."

The Easter Bunny was able to successfully find where we all were. He left some pretty neat treats! (You'll notice the heart braids in Eden and Kendall's hair? Morgan and Anela also had heart braids. That's what can happen when church starts at 1:00 and your nimble fingered Aunt Jody is staying at your house!)

As wonderful as the kids were, I would not hestiate to take another roadtrip similar to this one. You start driving in the middle of the night and the 16 or so hours that it takes just fly by!! (Wanna buy some land in Florida?)
You will notice this is Road Trip Part I. Part II is coming soon to a blogspot near you!!