Monday, February 21, 2011


Shoot! I did it again! These two top pictures go a lot further down. I deleted them when I became over confident in my editing and don't know how to get them where they belong. (Yes Tracy, I tried that.) When you get to that part, and you'll know it, just scroll up for a second.
Thank you!

I was really looking forward to this trip - it had been about 7 months since I had seen everyone - way way way too long!

I knew it would be a great trip when I was greeted with this sign in the room I stayed in.

First day out was a trip to the Boise Zoo. I was pretty surprised at how many animals were actually out. I thought I was going to freeze when Kelley told me that we might not see many animals because if might be too cold for them. Too cold for the animals??? What about the PEOPLE looking for those animals? As you can see though, it was warm enough that goat spit did not freeze on your hands. I don't see anyone being surprised at Eleni having the courage to let the goats eat out of her hand.

The best part of the zoo was watching Eleni watch the animals.
You will notice her color coordinated pink mittens, pink boots and pink lined jacket?

One would never know it because her parents aren't into pink and she doesn't wear it all that often, but she does pink really well!

Ilai can still get his butt kicked by dad!

(Yes, that is a pink cast that he is wearing.)

Upstairs with the X Box Knect dance program everyone starts to rock out.

Long long ponytails and basketball mix very well!

All of the action shots were quite blurred or waaaay too dark. Actually, the only action there was of Eden dribbling, guarding or shooting.

We won handily.

After the game we went to a candy shop that made your tooth ache by simply walking through the doorway. They had it all. Brought some bacon flavored bubble gum home to Dave.

Yes, it is gross.

It is a lot colder there in my head than it actually is outside. You can kind of tell that by the big, warm jacket that Anela is wearing...... She is wearing boots however!

When it comes to being sweet, kind, loving and helpful, there is no one that fits the bill better than Miss Hannah Beth does! No way that Eleni (or any other little person) will get hurt or in trouble if Hannah is around.

Hearing these ladies sing together just gives you the chills.

They harmonize beautifully.

It was truly delightful just listening.

And then the whole family gets into the act!

The clarinet, the clarinet goes doodley doodley doodley doodley det!

Everyone has their part and it's great!

Watch out Osmonds!

One of the things I like doing best is helping with homework

Hannah and Jack both had homework that needed to be done so we did it!!
(As you've probably guessed, Jack doing his homework picture goes here)

Ilai caught in the act of eating something purple - I'm sure it's good for you!
(Ilai eating purple stuff picture goes here.)

Did I tell you how beautifully these ladies sound together!?!

Saying goodbye is always so hard.

Don't cry 'cause it's over. Smile 'cause it happened.

~Dr. Seuss