Sunday, August 29, 2010


Summer is quickly wrapping up for the Kossub Klan.
We know that we won't make any headlines for the most exciting family on the block as we are pretty happy with what most people think of as small potatoes, that is if they were even going to give it any thought at all.


Every summer we like to go to the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach. This year was no exception, except that we did buy season passes this time(which will get us into the winter festival too!). First trip we made, we looked a lots and lots of neat things and kind of made a list of what would be fun to have. $2000.00 later, we knew that wasn't going to happen, so we went home and decided which of our heart's desires we could afford.
Not much, actually.
Did I mention that the Sawdust Festival takes place at what is known as an artist's colony in Laguna Beach?
Bit I digress.

After careful thought and discussion, and since we had passes and could get in for free, we went back a few weeks later and bought.........

A doorbell plate!
Like I said, we're pretty easy to please.
We are still working on landscaping the house, so this time we went to Batavia Gardens (in nearby Orange) and bought a Carribean Copper Plant. It has beautiful red leaves that will be even brighter because we planted it in a location that gets full sun.

And that is about all the excitement we had while Austen was on his
Scouting High Adventure Trip.
High Adventure Scouting Trip you ask??
Austen paddled down the Colorado River in two man canoes for 51 miles. It took them four days. Each evening they would unload the canoes of the equipment they carried with them and camp overnight. They carried tents, sleeping bags, clothes, all their food, stoves - you know what it takes to camp!
Then each morning, they would break down camp, load the canoes and head off again.
Austen's first description of the trip upon returning was that it was row, row, canyon. Row, row, canyon. He felt it was a bit boring but I'm sure that he will remember it in years to come as a pretty neat adventure!
Here he is, beginning the delightful chore of unpacking and sorting. Sorting, meaning this is Isaiah's plate and a lot of the stuff that should have been in his backpack isn't - it's in Isaiah's.
Other than the fact that he has a pretty good cut on the bottom of his foot (didn't think his water shoes would be necessary that time), they arrived home at 4:30 a.m. and his sunglasses got stepped on it was quite a successful trip.
And with tomorrow being the first day of school, yup!
Summer is pretty much over.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great Auntie Faye

Since my sister (a.k.a. Gramma/Janet) doesn't have a blog, and neither does my neice (a.k.a. Mommy/Mitsi) I feel that I can post this and not be accused of stealing any thunder.

I am officially Great Auntie Faye.

Blessing day for William (Japanese name) (Hawaiian name) Kekouhah. (Geez, I hope I at least got the last name spelled correctly...!) He was so handsome in his argyle sweater vest and gray slacks. He was really cute in his dress black shoes until he pooped big time and his socks were in no condition to put back on so he had to go the rest of the day Polynesian style - barefoot. (We were all jealous.)

Proud parents and handsome baby boy.
Mitchell doesn't let go of him very much.

Proud grandparents, too!

It was a great day and he received a beautiful blessing from his dad. Scott and Dave were asked to join the circle for the blessing. We then had a yummy luncheon at Mitchell's parent's home and had a warm and friendly time visiting with them.

Lots and lots of people sure do love you William!!!