Monday, June 21, 2010

Spring: It's a Wrap!

Kossub's are wrapping up spring with some fun accomplishments.
Mom got her name in lights!

Austen shined at the swim banquet.
It was held "on deck" at the pool. A bit of a change for a banquet venue but it was kind of neat, too! For one, it didn't have a $20.00 per ticket price tag that having it at a restaurant sometimes brings.

Don't know if any of you remember O.J. Vazquez, but he was Austen's J.V. swim coach this year. He and Austen would banter back and forth and even if Austen won't admit it, I think they both enjoyed the season.

As you can see, the J.V. team wasn't very big in numbers. As you can also see, Austen didn't even come close to being one of the tallest on the team, but that really didn't matter at all. What he lost in height, he made up for with something else that he has inside of him because he was able to take home a very nice piece of hardware.

Austen received this because his times were simply better than everyone else's!

Dave is working working working on the house. Practically every day after work and all day on Saturdays and half a day on Sundays. In this picture, he's taking all the old wood down and turning it around so that it has nice sharp edges to paint among the many other things he is doing. All the eaves have been sanded and double primed and double painted up to this point. Yes. Double. So by the time it's all said and done, every square inch of the house will have been "painted" four times. And all of it by Dave with a roller or a brush.

This is what the side of the house now looks like. All we need to do is get the black shutters put up on the windows (not these windows - the ones that are further down) and I think the side of the house is then finished except for the landscaping.
Then there's the front of the house. All that's left to do is replace the mailbox (with a black one) and paint the wood on the left there (it will be green). There will be black shutters on that one window just to the right of the front door. We will be removing the artfully displayed hose and hose box.......and hopefully replacing it with a little black ice cream table and chairs set. Just where is that item at a garage sale when you need it! And then of course there is the landscaping. (Just where is the Publisher's Clearinghouse winnings when you need them!)

We are looking forward to having the Boberg Golden Anniversary Wedding celebration at our house on July 5th. (50 years!!)
Nothing like a party to get you going on some long needed projects!

Of course the best part will be BBD 2010!!!