Saturday, June 13, 2009

Being a YW leader isn't for sissies.....

Gotta get those YW to YW camp. That means fundraisers! We made over 600 of these for Valentines Day - very successful by the way - but that's another story for another day. And since this isn't Idaho where YW camp cost all of $40.00, we needed another fundraiser because in California it costs $175.00!

One thing we did learn though is that tying a fundraiser with a holiday seemed to work very well.

So, with Father's Day approaching, we were inspired! You know those giant chocolate chip cookies you see at Mrs. Field's in the mall???

We decided to give two options of how the card would read. Happy Father's Day kind of limits it to buying one for your father only, but if we had another card that read "Thinking of You", you could buy one for your uncle, grampa, neighbor - the possibilities are endless!!
And it was a good idea, because of the 60 cards (and cookies!) we are making, 13 of them are for "Thinking of You" cards. And at $10.00 a cookie, $130.00 is nothing to sneeze at!

As anyone who has been in a leadership position will tell you, you experiment first and know of the pitfalls before taking on any project more complicated than opening exercises. So today I baked. And measured. And guessed. How many cups of chocolate chips are in an 8lb. 4 oz. bag of chocolate chips? How many cups of flour are in 5 pounds of flour? 5 pounds of sugar? (It's not the same.) How about 2 pounds of brown sugar? (If you're interested, call me.) How many cookies can you get out of doubling a batch of dough that makes a 14 inch cookie when all you want are 8-10 inch cookies?
Right size, but wrong look. After experimenting around (cookie anybody? There are 5 giant chocolate chip cookies and one dozen normal cookies in my kitchen at this very moment) I came up with this one. Hopefully we will be able to duplicate it 60 more times, making it about an inch smaller, in the church ovens this Friday night with 10 eager (or maybe not so eager) YW assisting and earning their way to camp! This is what the cookie will look like inside the card. The purchaser of the card will be able to write their own sentiment.
Of course it helps a lot if you know someone that can get cardstock that is being tossed out because the information is outdated on one side.....

Only one more slight problem. We have to share the kitchen with another ward in our building. They are making tamales on Saturday morning, which is when we were going to finish up what didn't get done on Friday night. We have a lot to do Friday night, don't we!