Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Mornings

Shadow and I have to figure out a better way to spend our Saturdays. This is a him in action on any one of the last 3 Saturday mornings in February.

This is what is becoming of my dresser. I am down to one little pile left to sort through. For a while I had forgotten the color of the wood. The entire surface was covered with very very important piles of paper. I'll get to the dust, too.

Our laundry is so caught up it's ridiculous. A pile of towels will take no time!

And you're probably wondering why there is so much flexible time for me and Shadow on Saturday mornings.
It's because we have a new Scoutmaster and Dave and Austen are either on campouts or at merit badge clinics.
You must admit that his sash is looking pretty good though! (Note to future mothers of Scouts: The Merit Badges that are edged in gray are required Eagle Scout merit badges. Gotta have 'em. The ones edged in green are the ones you can pick and choose according to your interests or the interests of your Scoutmaster...)
He'll be getting the Art merit badge today. So relieved! Then I can fill up that pesky blank spot. Next time I will leave the blank spot in the middle so that it is at least symetrical.

Two weekends ago sure was fun though!!
We saw Janet and Mario's newly remodeled, absolutley gorgeous new bathroom and kitchen. We all got to mess it up pretty good too because everyone was there for a 1-week-delayed FSAK
where everyone go to meet Eleni as a bonus!
Eleni and Lilly with matching hats. (Really admire those photographers who can get an entire family to smile nice for the camera. I could only get 75% of my subjects to cooperate. Dirty faces don't count.)

Austen found out that he was allergic to cats. He itched and his eyes watered all night long. Beck and Grampa had fun though!

After about 150 laps of Beck and Ethan running back and forth through the kitchen and living room Ethan took a break for a drink. No one was assigned to bring hair gel.

Grampa always manages to have a good time when the grandkids are around. They seem to like him, too!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Look alikes?

First I had to wait until Eleni turned 3 months old, and then that shot right past and I forgot all about doing this until now.

Here is mom and daughter both in their 3 month pictures. Does anyone think they look alike? Kelley has a California tan and is dressed a bit more modestly but then Eleni had her hair done a bit more stylishly.

Both are definitely sweethearts though!