Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Got away to Idaho again and got to see some "firsts".

My first time seeing Eleni roll over.

Go Baby Girl!!

Not really my first time seeing Ilai play basketball, but certainly not any less enjoyable! This was the last game of their season - they went undefeated.

Notice the score in the background? We were the visitors.

Go Orange!!

Look closely and you will recognize the same two kids - eight years apart.

Not only were Eden and Jack blessed on the same day, they were also baptized on the same day.

The proud moms.

The proud dads.

The proud Gramma.

My heartfelt thanks to my daughters, sons-in-law and sweet grandchildren for delaying the baptisms and waiting for me to get well enough to be able to come and be there.
The musical number for the baptism was sung by the cousins. Not wanting to take a picture in the chapel, we re-created the musical number in one of the classrooms for the camera and had an awful lot of fun doing so.

I'm also grateful to another daughter and son-in-law for having the confidence to send Morgan with me to Idaho so that she could be there for this special occasion. It was a wonderful time for me to get some rare one on one time with her.

I think just about the most fun time I had on this visit was in the kitchen on Friday night. It was our task to make dozens and dozens of cookies for the baptism "reception" the next day. So between Me and Tracy and Beth and Taylor and Kelley and Aubrey and Hannah and Eden and Morgan and Anela, we pulled it off!! We made the best sugar, lemon, chocolate chip, spice and chocolate fudge cookies in town and of course there weren't any leftovers to be found anywhere! (Note to self: Beth could use another set of measuring spoons....)

Morgan became acquainted with Eleni.

(Morgan! Let's not tell Mom that you are barefoot in this picture!)

Had an awful lot of fun playing outside.
As you can see by Kelley's squint, it was sunny and warm.

As usual, the trip was wonderful. When it was time to go home, quoting Dr. Seuss helped tremendously. "Don't cry 'cause it's over. Smile 'cause it happened."

Monday, March 22, 2010

Frogs in the Pool

Ribbitt. Ribbitt

My sister and her husband are ceritified SCUBA divers. They are going to Maui in April for a much deserved vacation and plan to do a lot of SCUBA diving. It's been a while, so they have to re-certify. They decided to try it out in the priviacy of our backyard before embarrassing themselves terribly in their re-ceritfication class. It worked, because they passed with flying colors!

Congratulations Mario and Janet!!

Mario reminding Janet of some important things.

Even with a wetsuit on the water is cold!!

Who dat?


(Actually am quite proud of Dave for taking advantage of an opportunity that he might never get again!)

Of course I am cursing my sister and her husband at this point as Dave has been on Craig's list browsing - you guessed it - Diving Equipment.......