Sunday, May 23, 2010

Swimming & Spring

Pretty happy campers these days around the Kossub household with it being spring and swimming season and all.

It has been a lot of fun.

Austen has particularly appreciated Jody, in that she is letting him use her swim parka. Not only is it good for swimming, it's just as good for early morning seminary. He wears it every morning and is cozy and warm, just like he is when he on the pool deck.

Austen doing the backstroke. His specialty though is the 100 yd and 200 yd freestyle. He placed first in both of his races in league finals. Was so exciting!!

Of course I cried.

As all you swimmers know though, most of the time is spent waiting for your next race. And usually after you're done waiting, you wait some more.

Swimmers are patient people.

Picture perfect dive!!

Austen is in the lane in the middle of the picture. Notice how far ahead he is of the guy in 2nd place?!

Swim season was a lot of fun and we look forward to the fall when water polo starts up again. Looks like he is going to participate next year as well. We'll see what happens when he is a junior and his P.E. requirements are filled. Will he still want to participate???

I know I have mentioned Joan to most of you. She is my A.P. "boss" at work - the one who headed up the Knight's Fighting Cancer faculty photograph. And no, she is not wearing heels. She is just tall!! And I am just short, so the two of us together look ridiculous!

This is a picture of us at the dinner for "Classified Employee of the Year". I was the representative from Katella this year.

Our back yard is a source of never ending pleasure. I have always loved flowers, but Dave really does a masterful job back there taking care of things and it is just nice to walk around and look at things!

This is a special treat! It is our lemon tree. There is a teeny little nest in it and if you look closely, you can see Mama Hummingbird sitting on it and being a good mom.

This is my favorite thing that has been in that little border along the garage. So far so good, but once summer comes and the chlorine water runs out of the pool and gets under the bricks they don't do so well anymore.

These are just growing under a little palm tree that is over where the loquat tree used to be. Shadow will often lie in the shade of that tree when it is warm. Such a bright red color!

Whether they be in the ground or in a pot, Dave can do all sorts of magic with flowers. He says it helps a lot of you water them regularly.....

Anybody making lemonade? I know where you can get some lemons!

Is your mouth watering?

We have picked and picked and shared and shared tangelos this year. I was literally afraid that some of the branches were going to break off, they were so heavy with fruit.

And the thing that will truly make me the happiest this year is BBD.

Really really looking forward to it!!!