Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great Auntie Faye

Since my sister (a.k.a. Gramma/Janet) doesn't have a blog, and neither does my neice (a.k.a. Mommy/Mitsi) I feel that I can post this and not be accused of stealing any thunder.

I am officially Great Auntie Faye.

Blessing day for William (Japanese name) (Hawaiian name) Kekouhah. (Geez, I hope I at least got the last name spelled correctly...!) He was so handsome in his argyle sweater vest and gray slacks. He was really cute in his dress black shoes until he pooped big time and his socks were in no condition to put back on so he had to go the rest of the day Polynesian style - barefoot. (We were all jealous.)

Proud parents and handsome baby boy.
Mitchell doesn't let go of him very much.

Proud grandparents, too!

It was a great day and he received a beautiful blessing from his dad. Scott and Dave were asked to join the circle for the blessing. We then had a yummy luncheon at Mitchell's parent's home and had a warm and friendly time visiting with them.

Lots and lots of people sure do love you William!!!

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  1. Ah! He is so adorable!!! Everyone looks so great. Thanks for sharing this, mom! Wow, what a chunk William is! So, let's see, you are great auntie faye... what am I? :)