Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas morning begins with the traditional "picture in front of the tree" - except that you can't really see much of the tree in this shot. Austen is annoyed and not much on tradition, but then he is always annoyed and has never been much on tradition.

I think I am standing in a hole. Either that or Austen has grown. As you can see, he is still annoyed.

We really do need to read the directions on how to take a picture using the timer. We did get everyone in though, so for now, it will have to do.

Using a timer?

You might remember us using a timer in pictures we have taken in the past. That was before we LOST our camera about six or so weeks ago. Held out buying a new one, knowing that we would find it. Held out some more (and some more) and then finally gave up and bought a new one. About one week later, we found the old one. Didn't get any pictures of the BBD Family Christmas Celebration on the 19th of December. These are all pictures of actual Christmas on December 25th.

Life in the fast lane.

Moving right along though!

Santa was practical this year.

Mr. & Mrs. Clause went to Costco.

Santa saw these and put them in the cart and Mrs. Clause saw a set of drinking glasses that she wanted and put them in the cart.

No fuss, no muss, no regrets and no returns. Not much excitement, but like I said, practical.

Now this is excitement!

After her other top got broken and no one was able to make it spin and hum like a proper top does, Gramma and Grampa came to the rescue. Lilly now has a spinning, humming top and she seems pretty pleased!

(Shoot! This is where that cute little picture of Lilly goes but I can seem to move it!
So, scroll up to the top, take a look at that sweet smile, and then come on back down to continue on.)

You needent even guess what is making Ethan smile. A dinosaur, of course. He has quite a few and knows the 8 syllable names of each one of them and couldn't have been more pleased to add another few "saureses" to his herd.

Both of them concentrating deeply on leveling up.
It worked.
They both leveled up.

Morgan is figuring our her little present-topper peg game. Has anyone ever won that thing?

Kendall is pleased to have a camping set for her Liv dolls. I am pleased that it is all at her house. The coffee pot for heating water is no bigger than a small thimble and the knives and forks are as big around as a stick of spaghetti and about 3/4 of an inch long. It was a suggested gift though and I've come to realize that grandparents don't worry half so much about pieces as we did when we were parents.

Then there is the ever fun part of being a parent on Christmas and reading the directions so you can figure out how something is put together. Kendall is being ever so patient and Jody is being the perfect mom, as usual!

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
-Santa Clause

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  1. I can't believe both Ethan and Lilly! They both look a lot older and have double the amount of hair! Mom, I can't seem to move my pictures down either... but you can highlight EVERYthing below the pic and move them UP all at once. Just fyi. Anyway, it's fun to see the pics. I sure wish you could get Austen to smile! One day he will look back and regret that! Boogar. But I love him anyway. :)