Friday, July 23, 2010

Formal BBD 2010 Pix

Somehow we accidentally got Austen to smile. Shadow was looking away, but Austen smiling was such a rarity that I had to post this one.

Eric and Leanna and kids. Ethan is a little camera shy (he is 3). This is one of the only pictures we have of him sort of looking at a camera. I could say I used it on purpose so everyone could see what the backs of our beautiful BBD tee shirts look like? Lilly is 18 months. She truly became one with the dirt this trip.

Tracy and Chip. Taylor is 15 (yes, 15 YEARS old), Aubrey is 13, Hannah 10 and Jackson 8. Gunner - well Gunner is loveable and like the rest of the family, has learned to pose for pictures perfectly!!
Beth and Fo'ou. Ilai turned 10 about a week after this picture was taken. Eden is 8 (and coming to California in August for her cousin's baptism!) and sweet little Anela is 4.

Jody and Scott. Morgan is 7, turning 8 and being baptized in August! Kendall is 6 and Beck is 3.

Ellen and Danny. Waiting for an announcement. Any day you guys, any day.

Kelley and Tyler. Eleni is 10 months old and already a pro at dirt campin'! Duke was everybody's friend. (Broke two water bowls while there - or was it three?)

Gramma Janet (William couldn't make it being only 7 days old and all) and Papa Mario.

The Lord really had a good idea when He organized families the way He did. Makes for lots and lots of happiness!!

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